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Changes coming: Photo Album rewrite to add style sheet format.

Add 1/22/2011: Add new quality setting for photo album. This setting is saved as a cookie setting for 10 years.

Update 1/10/2011: Updated Photo Album to support PHP version 5 with register globals setting off. This was a major re-write of the photo album with some bug fixes.

Add Aug 2007: Saved settings option for view size in the Photo Album. This sets a cookie in your current web browser for 2 years.

Changes July 2007: New front page and site navigation menu changes. Updates to Links, College

Add 7/29/2007: New selection for dial-up versus high speed home page image select. The default setting is high speed, if you pick dial-up the setting will be stored in your current web browser for 2 years as a cookie. If you want to switch back to high speed, there is no problem, just click on high speed to have the setting removed.

Once N2HJD gets system back up and running with new repeater sites, full N2HJD/R update will be done.

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