DeVry is not like other schools. In fact it is somewhat like high school in the way the classes are setup. In fact it is a little bit easier to learn in a school with many kids who care about their education. The added bonus comes with the small classes, increased teacher support and extended lab hours. The extra hours can be used for anything. Like editing this web page, working on electronic homework and/or labs.

Check out their site.

College started kinda interesting as it does for most people. I grew up a lot during that time. Learning how to deal with people, situations, and still stay focused enough to finish what I started. I moved from the country of western NY to the big city overnight. Had to cook, clean, and in general do everything for we all do.

I got an ok job the first week down there, at Radio Shack Eastland Mall. The first apartment was scary...had to deal with police choppers over head, car alarms going off, and the slight chance of getting shot at. Oh and we had to really watch our laundry after my roommate got his stolen. I started out with Tyler Shaw of a northern area of Maine as my roommate at the shithole (Beacon Hill), then 3 months later he moved out.

For a few months I was left with this guy Rob for a roommate. I had $400-$500 stolen from Robert Herndon, he is from Grove City, PA. The school finally gave me back my housing deposit. Stupid people. They were actually smart in a way or they could have been sued by me. Hope anyone that does find this that is going to DeVry stays out of student housing. Please don't make that mistake.

After the horrible situation with Rob and my Uncle Lee's death at age 39 during the month of June 1999, I then moved in with Eric and Danielle LeMonnier. They took me in outa the goodness of their hearts during this horrible time. I went out with the first girlfriend in my life during my time at the LeMonnier house, we broke up not long afterwards. I wish I could have done more for them in return, but oh well they are not really in my life anymore. They asked me to leave their place around June of 2000, which was understandable.

The move to room in an old ladies' house in Bexley was OK for the start. I lived there for one year and left because of her placing blame on me for something I did not cause.

It was summer 2001 when I moved home to take some time off from college. I worked in Brockport washing dishes and worked at Darien Lakes Theme Park.

I then came back lived in my own apartment above a garage in Bexley for a little over a year. I graduated from college in October of 2002, glad that I am outa school. I had a second girlfriend at the time who was an odd-ball seemed to want to place tons of limits on things that should have been open and free, so we broke up. I was asked to leave the apartment and moved in with my old landlords' son Mark. He was a trip, got himself in tons of trouble and seemed to want me to cover it up. So after not even 2 months living there, I left and headed home to Byron, NY.

I liked my job as a Faculty Assistant at the college during the time from Nov 2000 to Feb 2003. Great job to constantly be using my degree and teach/help students.