High School

My time at Notre Dame was amazing. I couldn't have been more happy. The school is an almost perfect school with great teachers, if I can get away with saying that about any teachers. Go to the Notre Dame High School site and you will see what I am saying. I made many great relationships there, some I hope will last a lifetime. I was not the most popular kid in school. On the other hand I was not the least popular kid in school. In the case of NDHS there is no popular versus unpopular. That is why I went there.

The school is located in the Western New York area (Batavia, NY), about halfway between Rochester and Buffalo. It has just about 200 or so kids in grades 9-12. I hope to go back every so often to visit. Just to see what is new.

Hey my 5 year High School Reunion was not that bad!!! It was the weekend of June 28th and 29th 2003. I ran into about 8 people from my class. Plus some other students from other classes.

Boy thinking back on High School seems like such a long time ago. I did yearbook, School Page, National Honor Society, Student Senate, Band, Drama, and that's about it. Likely there could be more I am just forgeting something!

In visiting the school over the years things change. But somethings don't. I remember thinking when I started at Notre Dame, when are they going to clean this place up! They have made great progress at doing just that. With computers in the library, a new science wing, windows, doors, paint, gym floor, and a drama/band addition to the school. There were more improvements that were made than just those things. I see many more things coming to Notre Dame High School in Batavia...we will have to see what happens.

I think back to people I used to hang out with in the school cafe (our "Senior Lounge")... Katie Balbick, Marion (our wonderful exchange student from Germany), and Erin Shelby. Wishing that I could see Marion again. Marion and I never went out or anything like that. But boy she brought a lot of joy to my time in Senior year!

More to come...