N2HJD/R Courtesy Tones

The "Megaplex" system uses audio beeps to help users and Control Operators know what is going on with the system. Basically they tell us where and on what band the current user is coming through. Since the links can get confusing to an ordinary user, I have made recordings to the exact (if not close) sounds that you will hear after un-keying your microphone. These files are in a *.wav format. They are also very small in size too, only 173 KB for all 13. Available here in compressed zip format.

In frequency order: (needs to be updated)

29.68 (thru Frontier Site Link)
29.68 (thru Cobbs Hill Site Link)
145.41 (thru Frontier Site Link)
145.41 (thru Cobbs Hill Site Link)
146.925 (minus offset)
146.925 (plus offset)
224.58 (With 110.9Hz PL Tone)
224.58 (Without 110.9Hz PL Tone)
442.8 (at Frontier Site)
442.8 (at Cobbs Hill Site)